The website is growing, more artists are joining and more work is being uploaded. It’s been two weeks since we started sending out tentative emails and invitations for contributions and we’ve been pleased with the response so far.

An example of some of the diverse work we have had submitted to the site by Jane Quail.

We are looking for help in spreading the word about the website, and getting more and more submissions to allow us to further develop the functionality.

We are really interested in getting people’s written experiences of scripture – how people have experienced the Holy Spirit whilst reading/meditating on The Word.

If you could let people you know who are creative in any way about the site we’d appreciate that. Also if you (or someone you know) writes for a magazine or can help us with publicity then we’d like to hear about them too!

We are looking at ways of accepting donations to help fund the hosting and development of the website to encompass some new and exciting ideas we have including:

  • A new way of traversing the artwork and submissions.
  • A mobile interface
  • Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows and Blackberry device applications
  • Additional Bible translations
  • Syndication of content
  • Enhanced user profiles
  • Several other top secret changes that will help the Bible come alive to those reading/researching or browsing

Finally, we value feedback on the functionality of the site from all our users so please do email us with your experiences.




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